How High Is Yudychvumchorr?

Yudychvumchorr is 1,191 meters (3,907 feet) tall and is located in Murmansk Oblast in Russia. Yudychvumchorr is part of the Khibiny Mountains, Kola Peninsula range and its prominence is 1,051 meters (3,448 feet).

Height of Yudychvumchorr in meters: 1,191 meters

Height of Yudychvumchorr in feet: 3,907 feet

Country: Russia

Mountain Range: Khibiny Mountains, Kola Peninsula

Co-ordinates: 67.051944, 33.100556

Prominence of Yudychvumchorr in meters: 1,051 meters

Prominence of Yudychvumchorr in feet: 3,448 feet

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